We have seen other software where you have to go to school to learn how to use it. Small companies don't have time for this.

What you need is something that is intuitive to use. Where you look at the screens and know what needs doing. AtoZ answers this.

For example, here's the Sales Orders list.

And if you do get stuck, there are "how-to's" to guide you along your way.
Dashboards are at the heart of your operation. Using these dashboards, you can review information about your Customers, Inventory, Vendors, Sales Orders, Quote AND your daily To Do list.

For example, here's the Customer Sales dashboard.

In the example, "PRO SUPPLY-KENNESAW" is shown with a rolling 12 months of sales. You can easily override the rolling 12 months to be a rolling 3 months of sales.

Along the top of the dashboard is a list of things you can check about the customer. For example, you can click on "A/R" is see a complete breakdown of the invoices owed by this customer.
Information is king when working with Sales Orders. All the information is just a click way, by just selected "More" from within the Sales Order. When you do, you see the popup menu shown at the bottom right.

Among the feature are...

  • Customer and Job Price Sheets
  • Packages for your Contractors
  • Conversions, for example pricing on a per/1000 basis
  • Ability to automatically create P/O's for Directs and Special orders
  • Ability to place orders on Credit Hold
Keeping control of your Inventory is essential in the running of your business. You need to know what your stock levels are, how they are turning, when to order new stock and where you are making the most of your inventory.

Here is the Inventory list and along the top are the items you can do.
AtoZ provides the complete integration of Accounting. For example, when a P/O is received, the Inventory, A/P Purchases and General Ledger are updated, with a Journal assigned for a complete audit of the transaction.