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Tracking your sales with the AtoZ Scorecard

  • Posted By Larry

A lot of accounting packages place heavy emphasis on the accounting side of the business. We do too! But with the entrepreneurs we work with, the most important aspect is SALES. No sales, no accounting.

This is where our Scorecard comes in. From the one Scorecard, you can see sales by:

  • - Yard/Location
  • - Salesman
  • - Customer
  • - Customer Grouping
  • - Product Group
  • - Inventory Item

Each of these sales summaries comes with its own set of drilldowns. So if you're viewing your Sales by Salesman, you have the option to drilldown to:

  • - Customer Sales
  • - Customer Grouping Sales
  • - Product Grouping Sales
  • - Inventory Item Sales

If you'd like to see videos about the Scorecard, here are two links: